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What To Expect With Braces?

The process of putting brackets involves a sense of pressure. But, getting braces put on doesn’t hurt. You may develop some pain or soreness in teeth or gums.

Firstly, Braces are an investment for your smile. Moreover, The dentist recommends orthodontic treatment to improve your orofacial appearance. This procedure solves problems like

  • crooked or crowded teeth,
  • overbite
  • underbite.

With brackets, incorrect jaw position and jaw joint disorders are easily corrected. In Particular, kids need orthodontic therapy for overcrowded or overlapping teeth. It improves oral health, prevents jawbone erosion, helps with digestion, improves speech and eventually boosts confidence. With so many benefits the common question is what to expect with braces?



What To Expect With Braces?

Are braces painful?

The process of putting brackets involves a sense of pressure. But, getting braces put on your teeth doesn’t hurt. You may develop some pain or soreness in teeth or gums. It goes within a week. Getting your ortho brackets takes an hour or two. Depending on teeth and the type of brackets you opt for, the process requires one or two dental appointments.

Are braces painful

So, if you are feeling anxious that orthodontic treatment would hurt, rest assured that there’s just a little discomfort. There’s minimal pain during bracket placement. A few hours after the placement of braces on teeth, it takes longer to eat meals. This is because it takes time to chew with braces. Lips and teeth may need a couple of weeks to adjust with braces. Your teeth may feel more sensitive than usual.

What to expect when getting Orthodontic Treatment?

What to Expect During Orthodontic Treatment

There is no pain when brackets are applied to your teeth. The adhesive which is used to attach the bracket to teeth dries on the outside very quickly but would take 24 hours to fully set. At first, braces feel like they are sticking out. This is completely normal. Finally, This sensation disappears after some days with the orthodontic treatment. The front teeth may be tender and sensitive to pressure at first, but the soreness gradually disappears after the first eight hours.

For the first three days after the application of brackets, there’s slight discomfort as teeth begin to realign. You have to feel comfortable with the pressure of wires and elastic ligatures. Any discomfort would go away within a week.

Brackets slowly move your teeth to the right alignment. Hence, you have to adjust the elastics so that they continue to properly move your teeth. Your orthodontist will periodically adjust the archwires and change elastic ligatures. If you have any issues with your bands and brackets, fix an appointment with the dentist and he will sort out the issue.

You have to consistently wear rubber bands and other appliances to get the best results. Not following instructions lengthens the time of treatment. Use a protective mouthguard when playing contact sports. After brackets are removed retainers would be given to stabilize orthodontic correction. Use them as instructed as failure to comply means undesirable movement of teeth and retreatment. Find a dentist nearby who can help you with crooked teeth.

How to keep teeth clean during orthodontic treatment?

How to keep teeth clean during orthodontic treatment


Braces make teeth really tough to clean. They act as a barrier between you and teeth, making it really tough to clean teeth properly. Keeping braces and teeth clean is extremely important. Here’s how to get it done.

  • Get the Right Toothbrush: A standard toothbrush may help clean teeth, but there are better options. An orthodontic toothbrush is a great choice. Hence, you could use a toothbrush specially made for cleaning around braces. The spindle brush removes food particles from between your teeth and braces.
  • Brush the exterior surface of teeth: This is the surface of your teeth where braces have adhered. Plaque is most noticeable here, especially on the braces. You must brush underneath the braces, to remove food particles and plaque from the area below the brackets. Slanting the brush helps get into an ideal position to clean underneath the wire.
  • Brush the inside of your teeth: The inside of your teeth and the biting surface are easy to brush. Just brush them normally, with special attention given to the back and sides of your teeth. Use circular motions to clear any plaque gathered there.
  • Make sure to floss: Flossing is very important when you have braces. Use floss picks which are tiny pieces of floss at the end of a plastic stick. They can easily lodge between teeth, making cleaning really easy. You could use a water flosser as it simply pushes water through gaps between teeth. This is a great way to remove food particles and plaque if you have braces.
  • Get mouthwash: Food particles and plaque can easily collect on metal brackets and wires. This affects overall oral health and also causes bad breath. Using mouthwash after brushing and flossing kills bacteria which may be lurking in your mouth. This prevents bad breath and helps maintain oral hygiene.
  • Gargle with salt water: Gargling with salt water reduces inflammation, combats soreness and helps keep teeth clean.
  • Change toothbrush regularly: Rinse your toothbrush after brushing. This stops food particles from getting stuck in the bristles. Bacteria cannot breed and your mouth remains clean. Get a new toothbrush once every three months. The metal in braces wears out the toothbrush, faster than just your teeth.
  • Check your diet: Avoid sticky foods like caramel and chewing gum as they are difficult to clean off. It’s best to stay away from chewy and crunchy foods like popcorn and hard rolls. Sugary food and nuts are a strict No. Foods you have to bite into like apples and carrots can cause problems with braces.


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