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Foods That Clean Your Teeth While You Eat

Food particles stuck between teeth are a villain that damages tooth and gums.

Foods That Clean Your Teeth While You Eat

Foods That Clean Your Teeth While You Eat

Food particles stuck between teeth are a villain that damages tooth and gums. If you forget to brush or floss, it results in tooth decay and loss of teeth. While sugary foods, carbonated drinks, sour candies or sticky dry fruits can destroy teeth, there are actually foods that clean teeth as you eat.

What foods help clean teeth?

Eat apples for healthy teeth:


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Moreover, It also cleans teeth and fights bad breath. Apples have lots of fibrous content and serve as a toothbrush, scrubbing away plaque from teeth. Apples do not just remove food debris, the acid in them kills bad bacteria which leads to bad breath. Afterward, Apple’s skin is loaded with mouth-healthy fiber which keeps teeth and gums clean.

Carrots clean plaque and freshen breath:


Carrots are a cavity-fighting vegetable. The crunchy sticks of raw carrot act as a natural toothbrush, stimulate saliva production and clean teeth. Moreover, Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which strengthens tooth enamel and plaque-attacking keratin. Better still, the chewing action as you gnaw on those raw carrots, massages your gums.

Carrots are fiber-rich and scrub plaque as you eat. The multiple B vitamins in them, fight gum disease like gingivitis. Keep carrots handy for clean healthy teeth.

Green leafy vegetables strengthen teeth:

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like cauliflower and spinach are rich in fiber, clean teeth by scrubbing away food debris. So, Cauliflower and spinach need a lot of chewing which produces saliva, a natural tooth cleanser. Calcium present makes teeth strong and Vitamin B fights gingivitis. Hence, Add shredded cauliflower and spinach to your sandwich for powerful tooth-cleansing action as you eat.

Cheese lowers acid levels in the mouth:

Cheese lowers acid levels in the mouth:

Cheese neutralizes plaque acid, protecting teeth. Likewise, chewing cheese produces saliva, washing away bacteria from your mouth. Calcium in cheese promotes strong teeth. Cheese has a protein called casein which strengthens tooth enamel, preventing tooth cavities. So, Just add a slice of cheese to your diet for its cavity-fighting properties.

Cucumbers crubs your teeth:

Cucumbers crubs your teeth:

The fiber-rich and crunchy cucumber, scrubs teeth and massages gums as you eat. Likewise, Cucumbers have high water content and prevent your mouth from drying out. Thus, Cucumber juice is great for teeth and gums with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, Cucumber naturally removes plaque and food particles stuck between teeth.

Strawberries whiten teeth:

Strawberries whiten teeth:

First, Strawberries are rich in astringent and vitamin C, functioning as powerful tooth whiteners. Because The astringent removes tooth stains and vitamin C cleans plaque. Strawberries are important becaues it removes surface discoloration as it contain malic acid. That pack of strawberries may actually be great for your teeth.

Chew on celery sticks:

Chew on celery sticks:

Chewing on celery stalk cleans teeth and stimulates gums through the massaging action. It gives teeth a great workout, producing saliva to neutralize bacteria.

So, If you don’t have time to brush teeth between meals, munch on those celery sticks. It scrapes away yellowing plaque and food bits stuck between teeth. Chew celery sticks on days you eat carb-laden foods. Thus, Saliva caused by the chomping action washes away the erosion-triggering sugars.

Chopped onions for great teeth:

Chopped onions for great teeth:

It’s unlikely you will ever peel an onion and eat it like an apple, but chopped onions in a salad are just as great. Firstly, Onions have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that kill harmful bacteria and strengthen teeth. Research has shown that raw onions kill 4 different bacteria strains, which cause gum disease and tooth decay. Too many onions leave you with a breath problem, causing you to reach out for that sugarless chewing gum. Plaque causes cavities even if you brush daily.

Chew sugar-free gum:

Chew sugar-free gum:

Chewing sugarless gum after a meal prevents tooth decay. It relieves the symptoms of a dry mouth, reduces the development of plaque and neutralizes acids which erode enamel. Though strictly not a food, it does benefit teeth. Hence, Chewing sugar-free gum is a low-cost way of increasing the saliva flow and removing harmful bacteria from your mouth.

Bite into a Radish:


Biting into raw radish has a scrubbing action on teeth and gums. Vitamin C in radish keeps gums and teeth strong. Gargling with radish juice helps cure pyorrhea. This is another term for periodontitis which is a serious gum injection. Radish has high water content which gets saliva flowing. So, Dangerous bacteria are flushed from your mouth.

Crunchy raw vegetables like radish and carrot are loaded with nutrients, making gums healthy and teeth strong. These are must-have foods that fight plaque. No food can replace the need to brush and floss regularly. Yet, the power of foods packed with vitamins, which clean teeth as you eat cannot be ignored.

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