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Get The Best Treatment For gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth look ugly and you must remove them. Sadly there are no do-it-yourself ways to close the gap. Get a consultation with your dentist nearby to correct the gaps between your teeth.

How is the gap between teeth formed?

How is the gap between teeth formed


Space or gaps between teeth in dental terminology called “diastema”. To Explain, Gaps occur when teeth are too small for the jaw bone. So teeth look spaced too far apart. You may develop diastema or space between teeth if there’s an overgrowth of tissue that borders the gum line and your upper two front teeth. Hence, The overgrowth causes separation between teeth, resulting in gaps between teeth. Some gaps are really small and barely noticeable while other gaps are large and a cosmetic issue.

Therefore, there is no one single cause of diastema, but several contributing factors. You may have diastema because of the size of your teeth and jaw bone. Diastema can run in families. It may also develop from gum disease where inflammation damages gums and tissues supporting teeth. The signs of gum disease show red and swollen gums, loose teeth and bleeding gums.

What happens if there is a gap between teeth?


What happens if there is a gap between teeth

Gum Disease is the main cause of gaps between teeth. Your teeth could loosen and you would lose them. So, This is why it’s important to see your dentist. If the dentist finds you have gum disease, these need treatment first. Treatment may include scaling and removing hardened tartar through root planning. If gum disease is severe, you may require surgery to remove the tartar. Teeth protect gums and if there are spaces leaving gums unprotected, you could experience trauma to gums. This could result in losing teeth.

How to reduce the gaps between teeth?



Dental Braces In Bangalore

They are an excellent way to reduce the gap between teeth. Braces have wires and brackets which put pressure on teeth. They simply pull the teeth together using the tension of the wire, which reduces the space between teeth.

The time taken to close gaps depends on your case. Therefore, the average time to close the teeth gap is 4 months to a year. Gaps in the upper teeth close faster than those on the bottom. Braces align surrounding teeth properly and close small gaps between teeth.


Invisalign In bangalore


While metal braces can straighten teeth, you must also consider Invisalign braces. This is an almost undetectable way to close gaps between teeth. A set of clear custom-made teeth aligners fit perfectly over teeth, subtly moving them into position. These braces are removable making cleaning teeth, really easy. Movement in teeth causes mild soreness which is completely normal. Aligners take a few days getting used to, but once done you won’t even feel them. The Invisalign braces are invisible and your family members won’t even know you have them.

Teeth Bonding:

Teeth Bonding In Bangalore

Teeth bonding makes use of tooth-colored composite resin to reduce gaps between teeth. The dentist carefully sculpts the resin into the appropriate size and shape, covering the gap between front teeth. The dentist selects a shade of bonding material which perfectly matches your teeth. Your dentist then etches the surface of your teeth and applies conditioning liquid for bonding to adhere. A bonding agent applied to the tooth gives a  putty-like texture that allows the dentist to shape and mold it when it’s in your mouth. UV light hardens the bonding. The polished bonding material prevents irritation of lips. Do remember that smoking could stain the bonding.

Dental Veneers:

Dental Veneer In Bangalore

Dental veneers close gaps between teeth. A porcelain veneer is a thin cover that fits on top of natural teeth altering its shape and color. When your dentist fills gaps between teeth using dental veneers, he just makes the veneers slightly wider than the original teeth. After dental veneers are fitted, they meet in the middle and cover the gap between teeth. Dental veneers are used to close small gaps between teeth.


Best Orthodontist In Bangalore


A retainer could close gaps between teeth, but it takes a long time. These are basically a molded plastic piece with a couple of wires designed to fit over teeth. Retainers are affordable and close gaps between teeth. You change the retainer as teeth move and close the gap.

Teeth gap bands:

Orthodontic Bands

The teeth gap bands are placed around two teeth to draw them together. Check with the dentist if teeth gap bands are suitable for you. This is a cheap method to close gaps between teeth. Teeth gap bands cannot be a solution for large gaps between teeth or crooked teeth or this could result in dental issues.


Denture In Bangalore

Dentures are removable replacements for teeth. Hence, They fix gaps where several teeth have been removed. Dentures are not suitable to close small gaps between teeth.

Orthodontic treatment costs around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. If you have crooked teeth go for orthodontic treatment ceramic or high-end ceramic which costs around Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000. The complete denture upper and lower set- basic, costs around Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000. The complete denture upper and lower full set Indian, costs around Rs 25,000 while the imported version would be around Rs 35,000. So don’t hold back. Close the gap between teeth and bring back that sparkling smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

How Do I Choose A Cosmetic Dentist?

Dental work which improves your appearance refers to cosmetic dentistry. The focus is on improving dental aesthetics, but not necessarily the functionality of teeth or gums. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on shape and size, alignment, color and smile appearance. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for cosmetic dentistry.

Who is a cosmetic dentist?

Who is a cosmetic Dentist

Firstly, General dentistry deals with preventing and treating oral disease. A cosmetic dentist aims to improve your teeth and smile. He repositions teeth using braces, changes your appearance using veneers and replaces your metal dental fillings and even crowns with tooth-colored alternatives. The cosmetic dentist replaces missing teeth with dental implants. Hence, Contact your dentist nearby who can help you with dental implants.

To explain, Cosmetic dentists are not just about improving appearance and smile. Likewise, dental implants not only make you look good, but they also have functional value.

When to see a cosmetic dentist?

  • You are unhappy with something in your smile.
  • Discolored or crooked teeth.
  • Chipped or cracked.
  • You have missing teeth.


The cosmetic dentist performs a very important job like teeth Whitening. Thin pieces of porcelain veneers are fitted to your teeth to hide tooth discoloration, cracks or chips. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore to help you.


Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common procedure performed by cosmetic dentists. This is a simple procedure which involves hydrogen peroxide and laser light.

The dentist takes impressions of the upper and lower dentition, pours the molds and fabricates the dental bleaching trays. A special bleach solution is made which is applied to teeth in the morning and night for around half an hour. This is done for 10-14 days to whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening removes stains from teeth giving them a brighter shade of white. Sadly, the teeth whitening effects are not permanent. You can always visit the cosmetic dentist and get teeth whitening treatment done again if stains return.

If you have permanent teeth and enjoy good oral health, opt for professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist. When you don’t have receding gum line or tender gums, then chemicals used in teeth whitening won’t affect you. For teeth whitening in Bangalore contact Contact us here.

Is teeth whitening right for you?

Is teeth whitening the miracle solution for yellow teeth? Yes, it is, but you may not be the ideal candidate for professional teeth whitening. Consult your cosmetic dentist in Bangalore before opting for tooth whitening.

If previous dental work is not done on front teeth, opt for professional teeth whitening. Crowns, caps and tooth-colored fillings will not be whitened like other teeth. When you suffer from gum disease, chemicals involved in teeth whitening will irritate gums. This increases tooth sensitivity and the dentist will advise against teeth whitening.

If teeth and gums are healthy, your dentist will give the green signal for teeth whitening.

Why teeth whitening?

Tooth Discoloration: Teeth whitening solves tooth discoloration caused by smoking. This brings the smile back on your face.

It’s for special occasions: Teeth whitening is for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and some other special occasion. Your smiles are really bright on those big occasions. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for braces.

Beats old age: As you age, tooth enamel erodes resulting in tooth discoloration and oral health problems. Teeth whitening helps beat the effects of aging, keeping that smile, really beautiful. Find a dentist nearby who can help you with crooked teeth.

Smoking discolors teeth: Smoking damages teeth leading to oral health problems. Consequently, You suffer plaque-related problems and tooth discoloration. So, Teeth whitening targets smoking-related tooth discoloration, saving you from embarrassing moments.

Food stains: If your diet has lots of coffee, tea, and wine, your teeth get stains. Teeth whitening removes food stains from your teeth, even though they may have been caused over several years. Contact the best cosmetic dentist in Bangalore to help you.

How to choose a cosmetic dentist?

  • Check education and training: Make sure the cosmetic dentist is well qualified. Check his expertise and experience before committing your precious teeth. Cosmetic dentistry involves a wide range of procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants, and orthodontics to name a few. Get the best dentist for the job.
  •  Visual evidence: A good dentist has proof to back him up.  Visual evidence of past work, before locking on to your cosmetic dentist. Before-and-after photos of cases handled by your dentist. Check out the smiles in the photos and get the right cosmetic dentist.
  • Fit the budget: Your dentist must customize the procedure to fit your budget. He must offer value for money. Afterward, Check for flexible financing programs with low prices, without compromising on high-quality dental care. Thus, Get the dream smile without emptying your pockets. Finally, do a cost to benefit analysis. Research has shown that people with white teeth get better jobs which means better pay. Read tips to choose the best dental clinic for cosmetic dentistry.
  • Check out the equipment: Your cosmetic dentist must have the latest technology and equipment to achieve optimum results. This ensures your safety while bringing guaranteed results.
  • Pick a dentist who listens to your needs:

    The cosmetic dentist must be a good listener and pay heed to your needs. He must offer customized solutions regarding treatment and must be honest, even if it means not going ahead with the procedure. Check out treatment time and longevity of the procedures, before making any commitments.

  • Reviews: Every cosmetic dentist would tell you he’s the best, but it’s the patients who decide. Check patient reviews before picking up the cosmetic dentist. Afterward, Look at the level of professional services and the results of the treatment.
  • Check out the comfort levels: The dental clinic is your second home and its essential you feel comfortable. Consequently, The dental clinic should reflect the quality of care and you must have absolute faith in the skills of your cosmetic dentist.

Hence Contact Us to bring the smile back on your face.